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Bhavani ‘s Testimonial

An amazing healing oasis, right in Pembroke Pines!
Dr. Gisele is very loving and caring, making you feel like family, unlike Western doctors who rarely get to know you.On the first appointment she takes her time inquiring about your medical and lifestyle history so she can determine the best treatment for you as an individual, whether it’s follow up

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Annalee’s Testimonial

Dr. Gisele Leon-Ritch’s keen diagnosis and great knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine and homeopathy have been priceless to my own health and that of my children and grand-children.  Her spa-like acupuncture treatments have transformed not only my body but also helped my mental and emotional balance.
I highly recommend Dr. Gisele, for children and adults alike.  She’s always been

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Lourdes’ Testimonial

My life with Rheumatoid Arthritis [RA]-

At my 27 years of age, I was diagnosed with RA. I could not believe that the little pain in my knees was really RA. As time passed, the pain was located in more different joints and after I had my baby in my mid 30’s the pain was getting worse, especially in my

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Harelis’ Testimonial

Dear Dr. Gisele Leon-Ritch:

I wanted to share the good news I got from my primary physician regarding my Rheumatoid Arthritis status. As you know, on February 2008 a growing pain on my right knee took me to urgent care, where they checked me and took x-rays and told me that there was nothing wrong with my knee. However, the

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