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Lourdes’ Testimonial

My life with Rheumatoid Arthritis [RA]-

At my 27 years of age, I was diagnosed with RA. I could not believe that the little pain in my knees was really RA. As time passed, the pain was located in more different joints and after I had my baby in my mid 30’s the pain was getting worse, especially in my right wrist which affected my handwriting.

My RA doctor told me it was time for a more aggressive treatment for my condition [cortisone, etc.]. I did not like that option and changed doctors looking for a better alternative. My new doctor prescribed some other kind of treatment and insisted in injecting Cortisone again. I completely refused. I had heard about acupuncture and that natural medicine could help in my case, but I did not know any doctor in that area. I felt hopeless with pain, swollen joints affecting my movements for walking, getting dressed and my daily activities.

One day I opened a magazine where I found the Synergie Holistic Medicine, Inc., Dr. Gisele Leon-Ritch’s practice and immediately decided to call. Since the first time in her office I felt I was treated like a real human being and my condition was treated in a way that would not harm any other area of my body.

The beginning wasn’t easy because coming from Allopathic medicine you think you will find immediate relief. It wasn’t like that. I felt some improvement but not a significant change. Dr. Gisele taught me how my body would heal from the inside out and the process may take time. There were times I felt it wasn’t helping me, but I kept trying, then I started feeling improvement, and I went back again then the improvement was longer. Dr. Gisele put a lot of effort in my severe case and as time passed, the improvement time was longer and longer until I felt healing in many of my joints and limitations going away, little by little. Nowadays, I feel like a new person. My pains are gone and I have recovered my skills and I can walk and live a normal life again.
I keep my treatments once in a while because RA is a chronic disease that you have to keep taking care of and change your habits like eating and doing exercises and taking supplements that complete your healthy habits.
I now feel that I have recovered my health and feel better that I did years ago!

Thank you, Dr. Gisele, thank you Synergie Holistic Medicine, the acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine really helps!

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